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Since our school's humble beginning, one thing has remained constant: a genuine passion for martial arts. Our instructors are dedicated to improving the lives of their students through martial arts training. We do not allow our students to settle for less than we know they can achieve.

While some of our students have started their training already in shape, others have come 100+ pounds overweight. Most come with limited flexibility. We treat each student as an individual, never compared to anyone else. We're with our students every step of the way, and all we ask in return is a willingness to try.

Our Goals

Through martial arts training, our students learn how to be successful leaders. We're committed to offering a safe, caring educational environment, supporting and actively encouraging the personal growth of our students.

In our younger students, we actively promote excellent behavior at home and at school and reinforce good habits.

Students learn the importance of physical fitness, health and hygiene, enhancing their sense of personal responsibility.

We are committed to empowering students through setting and achieving goals.

It's our mission to inspire the next generation of leaders.


Experts say that roughly 80% of all our decisions are based on our emotions. This is why we believe it's so important to teach our students much more than merely the physical aspects of martial arts. We teach our students to foster the emotions that will empower them to better confront the many challenges they will encounter in life and succeed throughout their lives. We teach them to transform painful or distressful emotions, such as fear or grief, into useful ones like happiness and serenity through the practice of martial arts.

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Our lessons further enhance the knowledge of students with life lessons and ethics that help improve academic performance and personal accomplishments. This leads to excellent results in school, or at work and at home. We actively encourage our students to become better students in school, better sons or daughters and better parents at home, and we provide clear guidelines to promote collaboration among them.


We enhance our students' educational experience with a firm foundation in discipline, consistently reinforcing the good habits that will make them champions in life. With these good habits in place, learning fast and achieving success, whether it be in the ATA, at home or in school, are the natural consequences.

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School Motto

"Many know the way, but few choose to walk it!"

While commitment is the first step to any journey, perseverance and dedication will get you the rest of the way. You're aware of the benefits, you've thought about training, now take the first step and start your training!


"Our daughter started Taekwondo and it has honestly been a Godsend. Physically, she is in better shape than ever before, and has actually used her self-defense training in dealing with bullies at school. More than that, though, is the amazing transformation she has gone through, both mentally and emotionally. The year before she started Taekwondo, her beloved grandfather died, which really affected every aspect of her life, from school grades to a near constant frustration and unhappiness in herself. Now, though, her grades have shot up, and her innate self confidence is so much stronger, thanks to the positive atmosphere in class and the way the instructors are so careful to build the kids' self-esteem. I can't imagine a better place for kids to learn, not only self-defense, but self-control in their actions and discipline and confidence in who they are."

- Marlys B.

"We couldn't be happier with the progress that our son acquired since joining the school in August of 2008. Our son joined at age 4. He consistently shows the love he has for the sport. He continues to improve on his self-confidence and demonstrates a positive example in school. It's amazing witnessing the strides, both as our son, and as a student. The school has molded his attitude and strengthened his confidence as well as achieve great strides at home and school. As parents, we couldn't be prouder!"

- Holly S.

"We started my daughter in Taekwondo because she has always had lots of energy. After I had my third daughter, I found myself constantly yelling at my middle one because she was acting out. Since joining, I've noticed she is able to focus and listen better in school and at home. She has also developed stronger confidence and is able to do much more without my help. She also does better around the new baby, helping me feed her, picking out her clothes, etc. We're glad that we enrolled her in martial arts because it's helped her transition smoother with the new baby."

- Renee B.

Ready to take your first step? Check out our tuition rates and contact us to setup your first lesson.

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